Nevada Day-Tripper: the shack on highway 267

At 3:30am, the alarm went off, I listened to it hum, reluctant to get up.  This morning my plan was to chase the early morning golden light near the Lake and find the popular “Shack at the top of highway 267 near the Brockway Summit”

Lke Tahoe
the Shack on Highway 267  Lens: Canon 85mm; F/1.8;  shutter speed 1/1000; ISO 100

Coffee, Camera Gear in the Jeep on my way…

As I hiked towards the Shack, I could feel my boots getting wet due to all the melting snow!  Yes,  it’s May, and there is still snow on the ground!

The light moved so quickly on the mountain, even thought according to PhotoPills I had  10 minutes, it seemed to move much quicker, probably due to the light being blocked by the trees.   I will have to come back another day and chase the early evening Golden Hour.

the shack2
the shack on highway 267 (Canon 85mm; F/2.8; shutter: 1/400; ISO 100)

The Shack sits on the top of Highway 267, above Northstar Ski Area.   There is a large dirt area right off of 267 at the clearing where you will see a grassy area and Aspen grove.  The Shack sits back a ways, and you might not see it from the road.  I  do now know the history of the Shack, but have heard that it is a very popular spot for artists.

the shack on Highway 267 (Canon 85mm; F/1.8; shutter 1/2000; ISO 100

There are no amenities and you are about a 5 minute drive to Northstar at Tahoe, where there are bathrooms, shops and restaurants.  Or you are about a 10 minute drive from Kings Beach.

The weather, perfect, just cool enough. There is something magical about being on the mountain.  After taking many shots, and packing my gear in the jeep, I went back down to Sparks for breakfast at the Black Bear Diner.  Chicken Fried Steak; YUM!  an awesome breakfast after a morning hike.

What was in my bag:  water, Canon EOS 5D mark iii; Canon 85mm F/1.8

the shack highway 267

the Shack on Highway 267 Canon 85mm; F/5.6; shutter 1/200; ISO 100


How to get there:

From north Reno:

Take I-80 west:

After you pass through the bug station outside Truckee; Take 267 towards Lake Tahoe;  Pass the Northstar turn-off and pass the 2nd Northstar turn-off that goes to the Ritz Carlton Hotel.  Go approximately a mile & look for an open meadow on the RIGHT & a big dirt parking area.

From south Reno:

Take the Mt Rose Hwy to Incline; Turn Right on Lakeshore Drive (28); at Kings Beach, turn Right on 267;  Go up to the summit (Brockway Summit) and continue down the hill about a half mile (?) Look for the meadow on the LEFT.

What you might bring:

Camera, painting gear, drinking water, snack or lunch, sunscreen, bug spray, hat, weight for your tripod or easel, (bag of rocks or sandbags).

Check the weather for appropriate clothing,  today, May there is still snow on the mountain!

What you will see:

Aspens; grassy field, downed logs, willow brushes by the creek, the old Shack


well.. while walking through the field be aware of yellow jackets- typically they nest in a pile of dead wood.  And be aware of rattle snakes, thought  I did not see any, be aware in the field of grass.  This is NOT a good place to take dogs because it is so close to the highway.

Happy Sunday!  Leave me a comment or two about your adventure to the Shack!

Nevada Day-Tripper: the shackthe shack highway 267


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