DIY: Wedding Favors: S’mores Kits

My daughter’s wedding is in 31 days… gulp* and we have S’more Kits to make! Sooo excited.


She needs 125-150!   Okay,  yes,  you read that right!

I went to Costco just to see if there were any Hershey bars in bulk and found a box of 36 for $21, next up Marshmallows, no bags in bulk, (Strike One)  Graham cracker bulk boxes?, nope  (Strike 2).

Just for the Hershey Candy bars, it will cost approximately $75!  Wise words from a good friend, ‘She will only get married once.’  (did I mention, $75 just for the candy bars)

Do I sound a little overwhelmed, — yes,  nothing new there, it comes with the job: “Mom.”

Here’s what you will need to make a ONE Rustic Wedding S’mores kit:


S’mores Kit Rustic Wedding (Canon EOS 5D mark iii; Tamron 24-70mm; F/4.5; 1/30; ISO 400

2 Graham Crackers

1 Hershey Bar

3 Marshmallows

1 piece of black cardstock + Chalk pen

1 Clear party bag


S’mores Kit (Canon EOS 5D mark iii; Tamron 24-70mm; F/4.5; 1/30; ISO 400

I placed two Graham Cracker halves on the bottom, add one half of the Hershey bar, on top of the chocolate bar place 3 Marshmallows, then finish by adding 2 more Graham Cracker halves on top.

After that I placed the finished S’more into the clear plastic bag, and tied on the Thank you Card with twine:

“S’more Love for Later!

Thank you,

J & I 07/07/17”


Price: $$

$ –low  ; $$ –mid;    $$$–Up there

If you enjoyed this post, leave me a note or two, or an idea or three…

Until Next time.





  1. I love reading posts about S’mores favors! These are so popular right now.

    I’m not sure what your rules are on here about posting links but I just wanted people to know where they can get supplies for doing these favors.

    I sell S’mores Tags for S’mores favors in my Etsy shop. You can purchase the tags with the phrase “Sending You S’more Love” on one side and names and wedding date on the other side. You can see the tags here:

    I also sell complete kits that include the tags, bags, and twine ties! You can see that listing here:

    Come check out my shop to see if my tags might work for your needs!


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