Nevada Day-Tripper: Squaw Valley

The day started out like every other day.

7am: sleeping, or trying to sleep while Shawnee, my border collie, yelps and barks non-stop in the backyard, she runs around looking up at the sky or trees, who knows what she sees or imagines, do dogs have imaginations?

Shawnee, my Border Collie (Iphone 7 plus)

After a while, she settles down, and I go back to sleep. Then I hear the subtle almost silent buzzing of my phone in the next room.

It’s Jef, asking me what I am doing, ‘sleeping or trying to,’ I tell him.  after that, he says, ‘get up, do you wanna go with me to Squaw, take the Drone, I’ll be there in  45 minutes.’

Enough said. (of course I wanna go)

DJI 3 Drone (Canon EOS 5D mark iii; Canon 85mm; F/5.6; 1/500; ISO 200)

45 minutes later, he shows up, limping, (gout issues), and tells me in a joking manner, ‘okay intern, here’s what you’re going to do, first we need survey stakes, a black marker,  the measuring tape and water.’

Survey Equipment and Survey Grade Stakes (Canon EOS 5D mark iii; Canon 85mm; F/5.6; 1/500; ISO 200)

Little did I know I was being wrangled into driving him to Squaw Valley, and doing his work assignment for the day!  But any chance to go to the mountains,  I’m down for that! 

The job: mark ‘boring’ spots.

It was kinda funny, that Jef didn’t know how to read the map he was given, as he often boasts ‘that he knows everything,’ (guys for ya, i guess).  Using the process of elimination I figured out where he was supposed to mark the spots.

Map of Squaw Valley Resort (Iphone 7 plus)

He stayed in the Jeep while I paced off the path, once found he painted and marked the asphalt.

After that, we were going to go to one of the beaches in Lake Tahoe, but all the beaches require parking fees, and there was no free parking ANYWHERE.

Squaw Valley Karla Mena Images
Squaw Valley Resort (Canon EOS 5D markiii; Canon 85mm; F/5.6; 1/2000; ISO 400)
Squaw Valley Resort Canon EOS 5D markiii; Canon 85mm; F/5.6; 1/2000; ISO 400)
Squaw Valley Resort (Canon EOS 5D markiii; Canon 85mm; F/5.6; 1/2000; ISO 400)

This Day-Tripper day, ended up  being a work day + too windy for Droning, however, still in one of the best places ever! and Lunch: at the golden Rotisserie (same menu as T’s in Incline Village)   If you get a chance, GO.  My favorite: Chicken Burrito, $7, not a bad price and more than I can eat!

Golden Rotisserie (Iphone 7 plus)

How to get there: Squaw Valley Resort 

from Reno/Sparks:

Take I 80 West;

Take Exit 185 onto CA-89S

At the roundabout take the third exit onto Frates Ln

At the next roundabout take the 2nd exit onto state highway 89

turn LEFT onto Squaw Valley Rd

Until Next time …

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