#Unplugged: 3 Activities for kids

Summer is here, and it is hot here in Nevada.  The best time to get outside is in the early morning or late afternoon early evening.  I like the late afternoon early evening best, it starts to cool down, and the winds kick up a bit.

Here are 3 #unplugged Swinging activities for kids:

Blast Off!: Have your kids pretend to be a rocket by pushing off of your hands with their feet.  Every time they come they come forward and towards you, have your hands ready to push off with their feet.

#Unplugged: Swing Games (Canon EOS 5D mark iii; Canon 85mm; F/4.5; 1/1600; ISO 160)

Hide and Seek:  Stand in front of your kid, while they start swinging, ask them to close their eyes while you move to another area, (left, right, behind…).  How fast can they find you?

#unplugged: Swing Games (Canon EOS 5D mark iii; Canon 85mm; F/4.5; 1/1600; ISO 160)

Underdog:  Get ready to run Under your kid after pushing the swing… Stand behind your kid, hold the swing on either side (right and left-chain), pull the swing back, push … and. Run. Under.

These are a few ideas to stay #unplugged this summer with your child, and playing on swings is a great way to help children with Sensory Processing Disorder, (and kids without it).

Swinging encourages Vestibular development:

The vestibular system is all about balance and movement.  It is centered in the inner ear.  All of us have it deep within our inner ears.  When we move our head, the fluid in the organs move and shift, constantly giving us information about our head’s position and our body in space also known as spatial awareness.

#unplugged: Swing Games for kids (Canon EOS 5D mark iii; Canon 85mm; F/4.5; 1/1600; ISO 160)

Having this sense allows us to maintain our balance and to have gravitational security.  This gives us confidence to maintain a position without falling. Swings are great for encouraging all types of movement, (front, back, side to side, and circular).

Let your kids go at their own speed- fast, high, slow or low, It’s a great way to develop the vestibular experience!

These are swing games I have played with my kids, what are some games you have played with your kids? (leave your comments below).

If you enjoyed this post, leave me a love note or two.

Until Next time, stay #unplugged.

#unplugged: Swing Games for kids (Canon EOS 5D mark iii; Canon 85mm; F/1.8; 1/2500; ISO 100)





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