Nevada Day-Tripper: Pier 39-San Francisco

I left my heart in San Francisco, a few weeks or so ago I went down to the Bay Area to visit Mom, and we went to one of my favorite places in the ‘Bay’ -The City (AKA San Francisco).

Pier 39 San Francisco (Canon T5 Rebel; Canon 50mm: F/1.8; 1/3200; ISO 100)

One of the best things about being back home in Nevada, is that it only takes 3 hours and about 29 minutes, if you time it right to get from Reno/Sparks to the Bay Area.

A must see and popular place Pier 39;

Pier 39 San Francisco (Canon T5 Rebel; Canon 50mm: F/1.8; 1/3200; ISO 100)

and the lovely Sea Lions:


Facts about these crazy beasts:

California sea lions are known for their intelligence, playfulness and really noisy barking.  They usually avoid humans, sea lions may bite if provoked, (so word to the wise, don’t) The male sea lions reach 850lbs and 7ft in length, the females can reach 220lbs and up to 6ft in length.  You can tell the difference between the males and the females by possible bump or crest on the males head at 4-5 years of age, (a majority of the sea lions at Pier 39 are male).

They have external ear flaps; seals do not. They can live in the wild and may live up to 25 years of age.  Sea lions migrate to areas across the Pacific Coast from Vancouver to Southern baja and most pups are born on the Channel Islands off Southern California in June.

California sea lions are protected by the Marine Mammal Protection Act a that’s a good thing,  It is against the law for any unauthorized person to feed, handle or harass them.


Pier 39 San Francisco Sea Lions (Canon T5 Rebel; Canon 50mm: F/1.8; 1/3200; ISO 100)

There is something new in the City, the  F Line:

San Francisco’s Municipal Railway has assembled one of the most diverse collections of vintage streetcars, trolleys, and trams in transit service anywhere.

20 of these vintage vehicles carry passengers along Market Street and The Embarcadero every day.  Yes, the Cable Cars are still there, but the Street Cars are even cooler.

F-Line: Milan, Italy Streetcar (Canon T5 Rebel; Canon 50mm: F/1.8; 1/3200; ISO 100)

The vintage Street Cars come from Osaka, Japan; Porto, Portugal; Blackpool, England; Johnstown, Pennsylvania; Melbourne, Australia; Milan, Italy, to name a few.   My Mom and I rode the car from Milan, Italy, #1895, and built in 1928.  see more about the cars here. 

What was in my bag:  Canon T5 Rebel, Canon 50mm

If you enjoyed this post, leave me a love note or two, where should I go next??


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