Lately on Instagram: June 15-21,2017

Another week has come and taken off, it’s been really interesting living without air conditioning in this rental house.  (quite awful really),  I’ve been spending as much time in cooler places, as possible.   We have no air conditioning due to the ‘landlord’ misrepresenting the home via advertising, but that’s a completely other story, not to get into right now—

Here’s the latest on Instagram (and staying out of the Nevada heat)

  1. Pier 39: San Francisco 
Pier 39 San Francisco (Canon T5 Rebel; Canon 50mm; F/2.8; 1/1000; ISO 100)

One of my favorite places: Pier 39, there is no other place to be, as near the ocean and ‘the city’ as possible for me.

2. Rancho San Rafael Regional Park 

Rancho San Rafael Regional Park (Canon EOS 5D mark iii; Canon 85mm; F/1.8; 1/160; ISO 125)

Sooo many beautiful flowers at Rancho San Rafael Regional Park, I went there to explore the golden hour, and to chase the light.

3.  Reading = Better Writing

Books (Canon EOS 5D mark iii; Canon 100mm; F/5.6; 1/160; ISO 125)

A little backstory(ha!), my daughter and I started writing a YA novel years ago, and I was inspired to pull it back out and get it finished,  and… of course I was practicing with my Photek Sunlighter ii, and Canon speedlite, incase you were wondering…


Sweet girl (Canon EOS 5D mark iii; Canon 85mm; F/5.6; 1/200; ISO 100)

That face just says it all

5.  Father’s Day

Father’s Day (Canon EOS 5D mark iii; F/85mm; F/5.6; 1/1250; ISO 125)

Father’s Day + D’s 4 year old birthday:  Can you believe it, his parents gave him a ‘real’ motorcycle, ironically, he was more thrilled with his Lego sets.

6. Swings

Swings (Canon EOS 5D mark iii; Canon 85mm; F/1.8; 1/2500; ISO 100)

Staying #unplugged this summer?

7.   Kings Beach, California

Kings Beach (Canon EOS 5D mark iii; Canon 85mm; F/5.6; 1/125; ISO 100)

#TBT to an early morning explore up at ‘the Lake’

8.   Book Review: All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

book 2
Book Review (Iphone 7 Plus, portrait mode)

Yes, I’m still reading this amazing book, it’s the type of book, that is a deep and focused read.  5/5 stars so far!

9.  J’s Wedding Toasting Jars

wedding Favors (Iphone 7 Plus, portrait mode)

Planning my daughter’s wedding long distance is a a challenge, but really fun…

Instagram account I lovin’ this week

betternovelproject   why I love it:  I stumbled upon this account while searching writing techniques, (to get myself back into the creative writing swing again – believe me it’s been a while), and found so many great blogs here, if you have a desire to write, check it out. 

Here’s to scribbles and dreams..

If you enjoyed this post, leave me a note or two… I would love to hear from you.




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