On Writing: Commit

It was in the summer of my third grade year, that I discovered that I really wanted to read more, but I had the attention of a mosquito and just could not COMMIT to it.  If a book didn’t grab my attention within the first two pages, I was done and back outside running around throwing water balloons.

books (Iphone 7plus)

It seemed to me that if I went to the library with my step-mother and step-sister, that somehow i would find the very books that my ‘S-sister’ was reading just as good,

BUT.   like I said at that time I had the attention of a mosquito, squirrel, puppy, got the picture?

My S-mother because of my piqued interest in all things books like my S-sister, would buy me stacks of books for every birthday, along with having Apple Pie instead of cake. I am really not sure about why there was Apple Pie and no cake, but anyway, still to no avail, the books did not hold my attention.  Because of that, I gave up, very discouraged, continued playing the piano, and started creating ‘fantasy games,’  with my S-sister. We were literally the same age, and liked pretending we were twins by two different mothers.

In fact one of fantasy games took place in my S-sister’s grandfather’s basement, there was this odd looking metal box, (I believe it was GoJo gel) but I made up a story that it would transport us to a mythical/fictitious place, complete with old tire swings, wooden boxes, broken down swing sets, that we would assemble into a type of obstacle course in her grandfather’s backyard….maybe I couldn’t sit still enough to read, but creating stories was a really fun game back then.

tahoe (Canon EOS 5D mark iii; Canon 85mm; F/5.6; 1/250; ISO 100)

do you remember when you became a creative?

Here’s to scribbles, notes, by passes, and roads less traveled.

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