On Writing: Delivery

via Daily Prompt: Delivery


It is believed or so the story goes, that one gray and chilly morning and in the middle of October, Uncle was drinking his coffee, hot with no milk and only a little sugar.  He took three bites of pastry in his usual slobbery fashion while reading the Sunset Springs Hometown News.  Auntie being in the same room, the large and very organized kitchen was making pancakes and making french roast coffee.

A shadow crossed the front bay window accompanied by a small screech, however, it did nothing to interrupt Uncle’s reading of the news, nor Aunties delivery of his plate of pancakes.

Doni, Ninna and Ellie, their daughters, were upstairs in their respective bedrooms getting ready for school.  A large, orange bus obnoxiously blurped and blasted startling Auntie and nearly causing her to drop the coffee beans into the periwinkle earthenware sink.  ‘It’s Here,’ came out of Auntie’s mouth like a high pitched fog horn, Uncle looked up from his paper than back again.  The girls, Doni, Ninna, and Ellie came running down the stairs pushing and wrestling with each other for first place, bumping into the walls, sending Ellie from side to side like a ping-pong ball.  They grabbed their lunch bags, and ran out the front door nearly tripping on a small and very chubby baby meticulously wrapped in a red blanket inside a cardboard box, not even noticing that she was there.  It appeared that whomever had delivered her that day took great care to place her out of the way of trampling feet.

… …. ….Daily Prompt: Delivery

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