iDesign: Snake Plants & Mason Jars

How I did it

What you need; Mason Jars; Rustoleum Chalk spray paint or quarts; Snake Plants

Next time I may use quarts and a dipping method as spraying can sometimes lead to drips and not really good overall coverage.

1. Spray or dip the jars – color of your choice. I chose Chiffon Cream

2. Place small river rocks in the bottom of each jar for drainage; then add potting soil and plants

3. Place jars in a crate or wooden container (I found mine at Michaels)

A little about Snake Plants:

There appear to be about 70 different species. I chose these for their unique green stripes. They are all from th evergreen family and can grow from 8 inches to almost 12 feet high.

After planting or propogated, care of Snake Plants is fairly easy. Place them in indirect light, water every 10 days.

I use a turkey Baster and drop water 💦 near the base of the plant.

Have fun! Share your projects I. The comments below!


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