Green Flower Farm-a blooming adventure

A few weeks ago, while driving to work, a long commute from Fernley, Nevada to Spanish Springs, NV, I was hit by a thought shower.

The inevitable question or quandary “what is the next chapter?” It certainly couldn’t be slinging paint-even though it’s fun, for minimum wage or the assembly line at Tesla, there must be something more.

on my drive I looked south out my window at the wild horses and that’s when it hit, hard -“what am I doing??”

When I was working on my teaching license -one of my professors asked us to think about what we loved to do when we were 7 years old- the idea being that when you are 7 – what you love to do- what you spend your time doing without thinking about the clock- is your ‘special gift,’ talent,’ thing that lights you up.

What did I love- my aunt’s ranch- I loved picking apples, riding on the motorcycles through the wild flower meadows, walking down the dirt road to ‘Nonnie’s farm’ to gather eggs from the hen house, helping my cousin Gary milk the cows. But snakes?, not so much!

Take some time for you and go back to when you were seven, what activity did you get lost in?

As I got close to my exit, my excitement grew- I just had to call Tanya, my good friend for the past 25 years, to see if she would join me on this adventure-

Cut Flower Farming! at first she was unsure, but when we added our love of teaching to the mix- we came up with our new business dream- Green Flower Farm.

We would farm and grow cut flowers, teach kids all about gardening and get them outside, be the fun teachers, not the teachers bound by curriculum or administration or policy- real teaching for self-sustainability.

That being said- the kids(seedlings) are growing and if I could really have the chance to live on a real farm I would – but for now

My small little patch of backyard dirt will have to do.

and my bedroom window will have to be the first greenhouse.

Here’s to new adventures…we want to cultivate some beauty in this world 🌎- add some positive vibes- a definite need these days, given our current political climate.

Check out this farm in Washington state

Join the movement 🌻

Friends, we would love to hear some of your ideas leave them in the comments below- 😎


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