Hi There — so glad you dropped by.
I’m Karla, a light chasing photographer,  people loving, outgoing introvert, reckless dreamer & writer, book connoisseur, avid coffee drinker, question asker, a California girl living in Northern Nevada.

I started this blog  to share things to do in Northern Nevada, Northern California and other places on the west coast that are affordable and won’t break your budget. Not everyone can ‘quit their corporate job, and travel the world.’

This Blog is also for me to:  Write, and Write. & Write, & write some more as well as take a few photos along the way–

This is my Highlight Reel, along with some occasional footage on the floor.

If you’d like to create something together, reach out!

For more info on Lifestyle Family and Wedding Photography, editorial, assignment or collaboration send me a note  HERE

the good list



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